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    A dirty view
    She fought an impulse to move away from him, fished a magazine up her bag, lay down, and studied the pages with purported interest. Thoughts kept revolving around him, about the sight of his strutting life force, and she continued to feel his gaze burn on her. When she put the blade down, he had straightened it to a point between her legs. It dawned on her that with the angle they formed, he had to be able to look all the way up. She wondered if the sun had managed to dry her bikini bottoms so much that her incipient moisture was to be seen. As if he had read her mind, he suddenly broke the silence. "Nice view!"

    His facial expression was indefinable. She suddenly became insecure and nodded hesitantly as her eyes flickered out towards the mountain range that was drawing its way through the heat of the ice behind the small terrace that surrounded the pool. But when he again looked down between her legs, she was no longer in doubt.
    Her heart started pounding frantically as she dropped one leg to the side and lifted the bikini fabric slightly to the side. He probably deserved a look. He smiled appreciatively and pulled a little down on the elastic of his swimming trunks so that he once again lay bare in front of her.

    It occurred to her how much more intense it was to lie here so few meters from him, without the protective wall and floor separation between them. It was actually an option. She could move the few meters, give in to the desire and slide down over him. The force with which lust welled up in her completely took her breath away. Every single cell in her body trembled with life and desire.
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    When she could no longer bear the intensity, she jumped up and almost ran to the small brick shower room that lay between the pool and the closed bar. There she leaned against the shower wall while the water washed down over her. She loosened the bikini and let her fingers explore the way she imagined he would. She then reached for the towel and tied it loosely around her as she tried to decide for herself whether to go back to the pool or to the apartment. She had not yet made up her mind when she felt the towel loosen. It slid down and she turned and stood naked in front of him....